TV rights for women's World Cup: Alexandra Popp criticizes FIFA President Gianni Infantino

UEFA's technical team consisted of Wales coach Jarmo Matikainen, former Belgium coach Anne Noë, Scotland coach Anna Signeul and former Switzerland coach Béatrice von Siebenthal. The team from Togo made the headlines before the start of the tournament due to a bonus dispute and the brief resignation of coach Otto Pfister. ↑ Rapolder dismissed – von Heesen's new coach. ↑ Paul Saffer: Possible scenarios on the last matchday. From November 19, 1975, Franz Beckenbauer held the record, which he expanded to 50 games, 47 of them without a break, until his last appearance. On November 2, 2004, the first president and founder of the UAE, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, died. The last game of the year on 17. November also went out 6-0 in Spain's favor against Germany; The 2014 world champion had not lost that much since 1931, when it was still the national team of the Weimar Republic. Relations with Iran are strained due to three islands (Abu Musa) that have been occupied since 1971, which is why the UAE also criticized the nuclear agreement with Iran. With that, on December 31, 1971, the protection treaties with the areas on the Persian Gulf – in addition to the Trucial States, Bahrain and Qatar – would also end.

For this reason, a bridge across the sea between the UAE and Qatar was under discussion. At the same time, secular law is based on the Sharia insofar as old and new laws are always checked for their compatibility with Islamic law and should be compatible with it. While the constitution of the UAE names Islamic law, Sharia, as the main source of law, according to the German Foreign Office, it plays no role in the practical application of civil law, with the exception of family law matters. Until the 7-1 defeat in the semifinals against Germany at Brazil's second home World Cup in 2014, the game was considered the low point of Brazilian football. The dethroned defending champions Germany, Italy and Russia held their places, but with 2077 points Germany has fewer points than ever before. With the start of the First World War in 1914, Italy declared its neutrality. In Emilia-Romagna, June 1914 marked "Red Week" (ital. In May 1996, the Federal Supreme Council approved amendments to the constitution that definitively established Abu Dhabi as the capital and the previously provisional Constitution was declared definitive.

In the larger emirates, not only the rulers, but also other high-ranking members of the ruling families hold regular open Majlis meetings, where anyone interested can raise any topic of personal or more general interest. The members of the Supreme Council of Rulers elect from among themselves the President and the Vice-President, who each remain in office for five years until re-election takes place. Sharjah (Arabic الشارقة / aš-Šāriqa) ​​Sharjah ("lit by the sun") consists of five sub-territories and is the third largest of the United Arab Emirates. Ra's al-Chaima (Arabic رأس الخيمة / Raʾs al-Ḫayma) The Emirate of Ra's al-Chaima ('top of the tent'), which consists of two sub-territories, lives mainly from tourism, trade and agriculture. In the Emirate of Dubai, the Dubai Executive Council, founded in 2003, fulfills similar functions to the Abu Dhabi Executive Council. The Abu Dhabi National Consultative Council is composed of 60 members of leading tribes and families and has a role roughly analogous to that of the Federal National Council at the federal level.

The judgments of these federal courts can be challenged in the next higher courts, the Federal Appellate Courts and, ultimately, the High Federal Court (see above). In the smaller and more remote localities, the ruler of each emirate can appoint a local representative, an emir or wali, through whom the concerns of the residents can be presented to the emirate government. According to the constitution, rulers can delegate certain powers to the federal government. The FNC plays an important role in the consolidation of the Shura in the UAE and has both legislative and supervisory roles under the Constitution. The FNC is a member of the Inter-Parliamentary Union and the Arab Parliamentary Union (APU). The chairman of the FNC is elected among the members. However, not everyone benefited from these developments, as southern agriculture in particular suffered from hot summers and the arid climate, while the presence of malaria in the north prevented cultivation of low-lying areas on the Italian Adriatic coast. Ruled by the an-Nuʿaimi family, the sheikdom is the poorest emirate for lack of oil or farming opportunities, making it dependent on subsidies from wealthy neighbors. Saudi Arabia has been one of the Emirates' most important allies since the UAE was founded.

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