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Free vector purple infographic options templateThe Confederations Cup – which evolved from the König Fahd Cup – was initially of little interest to the German Football Association, as most Bundesliga clubs did not like the idea of ​​scheduling it given the increasing burden of international competitions. The previous record was 68 years old, dating back to 1937. Hans Jakob von Jahn Regensburg kept a clean sheet against France, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark and Finland. Since the Bohemian team was not allowed to participate under pressure from the Austrian government, the French A team reached the semifinals without a fight, while the B team lost 9-0 to Denmark in the quarterfinals. At the 1912 Olympic Games in Stockholm, Germany competed against Austria, Russia and Hungary. While the highest victory in the history of an international match came against Russia with 16:0, Gottfried Fuchs scored ten goals alone, there were defeats against the two Imperial and Royal countries. The German team also achieved their first victory against Switzerland: on April 4, 1909, they defeated the Confederates 1-0 in Karlsruhe in front of 7,000 spectators. The anniversary game for the 100th anniversary of the first international match of the DFB on March 26, 2008, which was also the 800th international match of the German team, was contested against Switzerland and won by Germany with four goals without conceding a goal. Exactly on this day they got their first international win with a 1-0 win against Switzerland in Karlsruhe.

After the specified selection process was not very successful, the idea came up of playing two games on one day in order to be able to nominate 22 players and thus avoid the heated discussions about the nomination. In 1910, just one day after the final of the German championship in Cologne, there was an international match against Belgium in Duisburg. After Croatia reached the final of the 2018 World Cup, the Croatian national team made it into the top 3 again at the last World Cup in Qatar in 2022. In England, the team under national coach Berti Vogts won a European Championship for the third and last time thanks to Oliver Bierhoff's first golden goal in history and was the first team to reach the final for the fifth time. Since many players preferred to play for their clubs under these circumstances, more and more canceled their participation in international matches. They are not recognized as international matches by the DFB and are now known as the original international matches. Our recommendations and the selection of the products are not influenced by this. The national associations were allowed to nominate a number of players attributed to them, which is why the selection was not made centrally. The influential representatives of the various national associations on the Match Committee still wanted to see players from their own ranks in the national team.

Many players reported that they only found out about their nomination from the newspaper and that traveling to international matches often turned out to be very adventurous. Dutch spectators also applauded when the German team played against the Dutch national football team in the Netherlands in 1912 and 1914. Numerous international matches had already been scheduled in 1914, but these were canceled by the outbreak of the First World War. Relations between the two nations were still strained by the First World War. Even before the first international match, however, there was a dispute between the DFB game committee and the DFB national board about the selection process. The term for the international match between Germany and Switzerland was "friendly international competition". International matches between the French and (West) Germans had come about again from 1952, and the French team also proved themselves against the world champions of 1954: 1952 in front of their own audience and in October 1954 in Hanover there were 3-1 victories, and the third post-war encounter at the World Cup finals in 1958 even ended with a 6-3 success, which secured third place and thus the best placement of the French at an international tournament up to that point The first international match was played against France in 1930, which only became possible after the French army withdrew from the Rhineland.

The results are given from a German point of view. Companion Application means a software application running on a non-console device and containing content that is a subset of and/or supplements the primary experience intended to be used with the software title or digital content and/or consumer to win for this. So that you can play FIFA 22 not only on the PC or sitting in front of the console, there is the FUT 22 Web App and Companion App. FIFA POINTS OPTIONAL; NO FIFA POINTS ARE REQUIRED FOR FIFA ULTIMATE TEAM. Normally, this function is activated automatically as soon as you register with your FIFA Ultimate Team. This started a good week before the release of the associated game. Only in Mexico were parts of the collar in the national colors of black, red and gold. In Amsterdam, the neighbors from Switzerland were initially defeated 4-0, before the games ended against the later Olympic champions Uruguay with a 1-4 loss for the German team. In order not to be associated with the enemies of democracy, many wear the national team's second jersey, blue instead of yellow.

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