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Instead, a championship tournament with group and subsequent knockout phase was held in the summer of 1942, with Građanski was inferior to city rivals Concordia in the finals. The first matchday was played on April 28, 1945, with Građanski receiving HŠK Uskok and was able to retract a 6-2 victory in his last league game under this name. The following season, the championship was played with ten clubs, with Građanski missing out on the league title mainly due to his weakness away from home and in the end once again finishing third. Because of the assassination of King Aleksandar Karađorđević, the entire sports season was canceled in 1934 due to the decreed national mourning. Sweden were outnumbered from the 68th minute when Josefine Öqvist received a red card for assaulting Sonia Bompastor. Bayer 04 also set up vending machines in the surrounding area of ​​the stadium that could only be used to top up the card. More important than the gain in prestige, however, was the fact that the club had made contact with an English team for the first time, and in November 1936 was also able to accept an invitation to the motherland of football. For Građanski, this change had a particularly positive effect financially, since the team in Zagreb still had the largest supporters, which, thanks to the increased number of top games against well-known opponents, could be lured into the stadium much more easily as a paying audience.

Home and away games, regardless of the opponent, were almost always sold out, so that by 1940 prospective national players such as Cimermančić, Glaser and Wölfl could decide to switch to Građanski. In the previous only game in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil was the opponent with a 0-1 draw on July 8, 1981. The most prominent players were suggested to relocate to Belgrade to compete for squad places at the army sports club that would become FK Partizan Belgrade in the autumn of the same year. His successor was Hungarian Imre Pozsonyi, who had previously worked on the coaching bench at FC Barcelona. His first year at Građanski was disappointing, because under his leadership the team even missed winning the association championship and as a result had to successfully deny a relegation match against Ilirija Ljubljana in order to be able to participate in the national championship. In the first game of the tournament against Colombia, he scored the 1-0 lead before the USA finally won on penalties. Martina Mueller Jul 22, 2000 (USA) Sep 19

Overmars retired from professional football on July 26, 2004. However, in the final of the national championship, Građanski lost 3-2 to SK Jugoslavija from Belgrade, which is why Kohn made his coaching position available again after just one year. Ex-national goalkeeper Franjo Glaser was probably the first to go; he should occupy the coaching position at Partizan. He was soon to be followed by the rising Stjepan Bobek, as well as Franjo Šoštarić and later Miroslav Brozović. Close behind are Lazio's Ciro Immobile on 89 points, Inter Milan's Christian Eriksen on 88 points and AS Monaco's Kevin Volland on 87 points. In the last days of the war, the sports committee of the dying puppet state tried to pretend normality and arranged for a new season of the Zagreb Oberliga to start at the end of April. By early 1945, the team's roster had dwindled to just 18 players, which coach Bukovi was able to keep in shape by playing weekly friendlies against other Zagreb clubs. In the following national championship, however, sobering results followed after a surprise opening win against Belgrade rivals SK Jugoslavija; by the end of the championship, Građanski had only one point and ended up in fifth and last place. Thanks to a good mix of seasoned players and hungry newcomers such as up-and-coming goalkeeper Maksimilijan Mihelčić, Građanski made it to the final of the national championship in 1926, where SK Jugoslavija waited, as in the previous year, but this time they were beaten 2-1.

He led Italy to the 1968 European title and reached the final of the World Cup in Mexico. The small Italian army was overwhelmed by the vastly superior Ethiopian army and Italy was forced to retreat to Eritrea. In purely sporting terms, Građanski had reached a low point in 1930: James Donnelly's team had long since relinquished their pioneering role in the Zagreb league to Concordia. After Pozsonyi's departure, it was Ireland defender James Donnelly, retired at Brentford, mexico jersey for women who took over as player-manager of a much-rejuvenated Građanski side. When midfield engine Pleše scored in the middle of the second half to make it 4-0, the home crowd is said to have finally stood up to applaud the dominant style of play of the newly crowned national champion Građanski. Građanski's team stood out in the championship fight for their disciplined style of play and their physical presence. Plagued by bad luck with injuries, the Građanski team did not lose a season, but were unable to win any of the top games against their direct rivals and ended up second behind Hajduk Split. defeat in Zagreb, with Građanski's side also being shown the limits by Doncaster, Wolverhampton and West Ham United; only against the Hearts from Scotland could a defeat be avoided in the course of the two-week tour.

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